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Making #vanlife accessible for the vanless.

Rent an A-Lodge Adventure Van and make those #vanlife dreams come true. We have a number of different styles of high end #vanlife & camper rentals. Choose the right model for your adventure and get out exploring. Based in Boulder, Colorado, we have partnered with the best van/camper builds out there: Boulder Campervans, Titan Vans, and Campworks, so you can get into the right van for you.

CW Vagabond

Campworks Offroad Teardrop Trailer with Skylight and Rooftop Tent Versions

Some of the greatest memories with friends and family begin around a campfire or under a starry sky. The NEW Campworks Vagabond teardrop allows you to fully experience the outdoors without boundaries. Great ground clearance, an overbuilt rigid frame, an insulated one-piece body along with an innovative water and solar electric system and tons of storage the VAGABOND elevates your camping experience to a new level. Its light, sleek design allows even a Subaru with a hitch to tow it.

Titan Crestone

Mercedes Sprinter 144 – Dinette Build (2 seats) and Rooftop Tent XL Version (4 seats)

This 2020 Titan Dinette is the perfect campervan for those wanting to step up their vanlife experience. A low bed setup that converts into a dinette is great for hanging out and for dinners. For the ultimate adventure, the XL version comes with a stowable backseat (4 total seat belts) and a RoofNest rooftop tent. Comes with hot water as well as all the ameniites of the Titan Classic. Includes a hitch for an exterior bike rack option.


Mercedes Sprinter 144 – Titan Vans Classic Build (2 Seats)

The Titan Classic is the OG adventure van. Its both a perfect intro to vanlife as well as a perfect van for the adventure junky. Comes with all the basics including an induction stove with pots and pans, mini-fridge, 20 gallon water tank with sink and outdoor shower, a queen size foldable bed, inside heat, and extra storage. Add a ski/bike/paddleboard rack to be prepared for whatever adventure comes your way!

4WD Homie

4WD Mercedes Sprinter 170 – Dinette Build (2 Seats)

Take that homie feeling on the road! The Homie is a 2017 4WD Mercedes Sprinter with a longer 170″ wheel base. It is the perfect van for a pampered camper, with oversized kitchen counter tops and diner booth style seating. The perfect van for hosting, traveling and having a grand time in the beautiful continental United States.


Generate Revenue with your campervan without all the hassle!

At A-Lodge Adventure Vans, we not only rent
our fleet of sprinter vans, we also manage van
rentals of privately owned vehicles. We’ll take
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Call or email us to see if this could be an option for you.

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Camper Van Add Ons

Add more to your adventure.

In addition to what comes with your desired Adventure Van, there are plenty of add-ons you can reserve as well with your camper van rental! These add-ons are meant to make your adventure even more special and perfect. Check out the list below and make sure to add these when you book your Adventure Van with us at A-Lodge!

  • Cassette Toilet
  • Solar Shower
  • Camping Tent
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Camp Stove
  • Pop Up Tent
  • Hammocks
  • Camp Chairs
  • Bring a dog!
  • Inflatable Paddle Board
  • Sleeping Pads
  • Guidebooks

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What are our hours of operation?

A-Lodge Adventure Vans operates 10:00am – 4:00pm, 7 days per week. But we can always be reached at the A-Lodge in Boulder, 24/7 at 303.444.0882.

AdventureVan pick up & drop-offs are by appointment only. Although we are open to handle any customer inquiries 24/7 at the A-Lodge, we are not always physically available to intake an AdventureVan or check one out. Always give us a call first to schedule the appointment.

When do I pick up my Camper Van rental?

Pick-Up: 10:00am – 4:00pm. Pick up times are established at the time of booking.

Please contact us 30 minutes before arriving to ensure a team member will be there to greet you. Reach out to us immediately if your itinerary has changed.

When do I drop off my Camper Van rental?

AdventureVan Drop-Off: Before 4pm

Full-nights rental fee applied for drop off after 4pm

Please give us a call if you’re worried about getting your vehicle back in time, we’ll do our best to work with you, we know things happen. Just remember, we have to get the van cleaned for the next guest.

Please contact us 30 minutes before arriving to ensure a team member will be there to greet you.

Tell me about your camper vans?

Specifically designed for bikers, climbers, skiers, and hikers, our Adventure Vans can take you wherever you dream to go in whatever style fits you best. Through our partnership with Titan Vans (another local Boulder business) we have developed a simple modular system so that you can pick the configuration that best fits your trip. Pick the Explorer for more storage. The Cyclist for the interior bike rack system, or the Shredder for the skier/snowboarder. Or you can always customize your experience by building your own personal configuration.

All A-Lodge Adventure Vans are Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans 2018 models and newer. They include an induction stove, plus size sink, 20 gal water tank, outdoor shower, mini-fridge, queen+ bed, 300W of solar power, fan, furnace, lighting, cookware, and storage for gear and bags.

What is my mileage limit?

100 miles per day are included in your rental. Excess mileage will be charged $.35/mile. So if you rented a Camper Van for 5 nights and drove 600 miles, you would be charged a mileage fee of $35 for the 100 excess miles driven.

Are there any travel duration/destination restrictions?

We have no limitations to the length of your rental and encourage you to take your time and see this beautiful country. We also encourage you to explore where you like in the Continental US (so long as it abides by the clauses in Terms & Conditions).

What is your road side assistance policy?

We provide 24 hour roadside assistance within the Continental US. We’ll respond as quickly as possible so that we can get you back on the road and enjoying your vacation.

Do you offer one-way rentals?

We currently do not offer one way trips, but we are actively working to make this possible with our AdventureVans.

What happens if I break down?

All A-Lodge AdventureVans come with Roadside Assistance throughout the continental United States. In the event of mechanical concerns, please contact A-Lodge immediately so we can become aware of the situation. We will do everything in our power to get you back on the road as soon as possible. However, if your vehicle is unavailable overnight due to being held at a repair shop, you will be refunded for that night’s rental.

We will provide you with a replacement vehicle if one is available. In the unlikely event that the vehicle cannot be fixed or replaced, A-Lodge Adventure Vans we will refund the remaining days of the rental agreement and assist you in reaching the nearest destination.